2018 Primary Won 54 — 46

2018 General Election Elected 60 – 12

Bold, Improbable

Alessandra Biaggihttps://www.biaggi4ny.com/is running against Jeffrey Klein, the founder and leader of the IDC.  He will be tough to beat.  Could Alessandra Biaggi do it?

For those who have not been following New York state politics:  The Independent Democratic Conference is a group of eight Senators elected as Democrats who support Republicans organizing the New York State Senate.  As a result, Republicans control leadership positions; control which issues are raised in the State Senate, and can prevent progressive proposals from being considered by the State Senate.

Members of the IDC benefit from this arrangement through perks and higher income.  IDC members achieve a more important benefit.  When Republicans allow a progressive proposal to proceed, IDC members get credit for introducing the proposal.  Governor Andrew Cuomo, who cherishes his position as a moderate Democrat has supported the IDC in the past. He benefits because Republican control of the Senate minimizes legislative pressure on him from the left.

Recently, Cuomo helped broker an agreement with the IDC to support the Democrats in organizing the Senate.  Some deal.  It didn’t happen until after the budget was completed.  It didn’t happen at all because a ninth breakaway Democratic Senator still votes with the Republican. The deal may happen in 2019 if Democrats get control of the Senate.  Anti-IDC Democrats want to make the Cuomo/IDC Dems/regular Dems deal unnecessary by beating the IDC in primaries.

Alessandra Biaggi needs no reminders about the IDC or anything else about Democratic Party Politics.  In her early thirties, she is the granddaughter of Mario Biaggi — conservative Democratic Bronx Congressman and mayoral candidate convicted in the late 1980s of accepting bribes. Until she joined the anti-IDC movement, Alessandra Biaggi gave every indication of being a member of the Democratic establishment. 

Look at Alessandra Biaggi’s internships. 

Alessandra Biaggi interned for the King’s County District Attorney’s office, for  the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. and for Congressman Joseph Crowley of Queens, the Chair of the US House Democratic Caucus and of the Queens County Democratic Party. Look at Alessandra Biaggi’s jobs.

Alessandra Biaggi worked for Hillary Clinton as Deputy National Operations Director for the 2016 campaign.  She worked for Andrew Cuomo in the Governor’s Counsel’s Office, especially on women’s policy issues.  She worked for the Governor on the Executive Clemency team and on health and human service initiatives.  

What is Alessandra Biaggi doing in this anti-IDC and anti-Cuomo role?  The IDC and Cuomo are still allies.  Cuomo attended an IDC fundraiser which raised a substantial amount of money to be used to defeat anti-IDC candidates like Alessandra Biaggi. Much of the money was raised from the real estate developers who have been financial supporters of the IDC all along.

Look at Alessandra Biaggi’s politics.

Alessandra Biaggi https://www.biaggi4ny.com/ crossed a line.  She is running against the head of the IDC in the district where she lives and grew up. The district includes Pelham, where she graduated from high school, White Plains where she was born, and parts of the Bronx which her grandfather represented. Her platform addresses Democratic issues from immigration to ballot access, from education to jobs to women’s issues. 

Alssndra Biaggi addresses affordable housing.  She promises to protect tenants and to eliminate rent control loopholes – the kind of practices that the New York Times is focusing a lengthy series about.  Alessandra Biaggi is not what real estate developers a looking for. 

Win or lose,Alessandra Biaggi will be running for higher office.  When that time comes, will she be able to keep reform Democrats, Cuomo Democrats, and Clinton Democrats all on her side?Alessandra Biaggi, https://www.biaggi4ny.com/ is on our side in the fight to have a genuinely Democratic New York state Senate.  Help her win.  Give her some support.