Elizabeth Warren. Her second best slogan.

We admire her persistence. Persistence gets things done.   John Adams, for instance. In 1776. One of our Fourth of July rituals. A great musical. In that musical, John Adams is obnoxious and disliked, pushes to get independence. Gets it done because he persists. Even when he acquiesces, he gets it done.

Or we do not admire persistence. A new favorite mystery writer. Belinda Bauer. Her first novel – Black-Lands. A serial killer escapes jail, persists in his effort to torture, rape, and kill one more child. Because the child is persistent in his own way, the killer does not get it done.

Speaking of bad guys. Donald Trump. He is persistent. He presses on. He will find a way, he says, to include a question about citizenship on the census. Up yours John Roberts. You are no ally of mine, says Trump.   Says Trump about anything. The only people he acquiesces to are Putin and Kim.

Nevertheless, they persist.  Like it or not.  Depends what they persist in doing.

Will Warren persist to victory? She has a plan for that. Smartest kid in the room. Tough, too. She might get it done. I love the Republicans who convert. When they have seen the data. As she did. The other Dems are more than acceptable. I would support any of them. She cannot.  If she is going to win, she has to persist.