The world has changed since early March.  Who knows what voting in early March means in the light of the pandemic turning out world upside down.  If life were normal, the results of voting in March would be slightly favorable to Democrats.  But life is not normal.

Some instances of Democrats flipping Republican seats:  On March 3, Maine Democrat Kevin O’Connell won a seat  in a district  in the Maine House of Representatives that Trump carried by 8 points.  On March 10, Moderate Democrat Kathy Martens of NH HD 24 – Hookset, Merrimac (Moderate on guns and taxes) defeated  a truly extreme Republican who, among other offensive statements, compared homosexuality to pedophilia)  in a special election called because of the death of the Republican incumbent who had been in the seat for six terms.

Republicans and Democrats keeping positions Republican and Democratic:  In MI HD 34 Cynthia Neely won 92-8 to succeed her husband who had been elected Mayor of Flint.  The MI House favors Republicans 58-52  In Mississippi Incumbent Republican Steven Palazzo easily won renomination, getting 67% of the vote against two self-funders.  California:  Andrew Janz lost the mayoral race in Fresno, 40 – 52.  Hillary had carried Fresno 57-37.  This will be a Republican replacing a Republican mayor.   Republican KC Tomlinson, a funeral director and daughter of local state Senator Tommy Tomlinson, defeated her Democratic opponent, union plumber Howie Hayes, 55-45.  Republican Eric Davanzo beat Democrat Robert Prah 53-41 in the 58th District, with Libertarian Kenneth Bach taking 7%. And in the 8th District, Republican Timothy Bonner easily defeated Democrat Phil Heasley 75-25. The results mean that the GOP keeps its 110-93 majority.

There are elections on Tuesday, March 31.  Let’s consider these as part of April.