Diversity among Presidential candidates? Identity politics? Voting for someone you identify with?  Presidential nominees from the major parties were white Protestants for most of American history. The Democrats cracked the mold in 1928 with Irish-Catholic Al Smith as the nominee. The Democrats broke the most in 1960 with Irish-Catholic John F. Kennedy as the nominee and elected president. The Democrats stomped on the mold in 2008 with African-American Barack Hussein Obama as the nominee and elected president. The Democrats swept the broken pieces into the bin by nominating a woman to be president.

And now:

The Republican president and presumptive nominee is a German-American (and Scottish-American) white Protestant. He is being challenged by a Yankee (from a pre-revolutionary Protestant family and by an Irish-Catholic.

The Democratic Party had an array in the September debate

The top tier:

An Irish-Catholic

A woman who is a white Protestant (presumably English background)

A Jew whose family came from eastern Europe

The second tier

An African-American/Indian-American Woman

A gay Maltese-American

An African American

The third tier

An Irish-American

A Central European-American woman

A Mexican-American

An Asian-American

No matter who the nominee is, this seems like a new world.