The Mob use to have Murder, Inc. Through ICE, our government has Cruelty, Inc.

Delma Joel Ramirez Palma. On October 12, in New Orleans, he was working on the Hard Rock Hotel construction. Under construction, the building collapsed. As the building was collapsing, he jumped from floor to floor and survived. It may be a coincidence, but he had reported safety violations at the construction site several times.   Two days after the collapse, he was arrested. While fishing. Without a license. OSHA would like him back as a witness. ICE deported him.

Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph. In September, 2019, she was indicted for obstruction of justice. Presiding, Judge Joseph told ICE officers to wait outside the courtroom. She, allegedly, instructed Court Officer Wesley MacGregor, to release Jose Medina-Perez through the back of the courthouse. The dispute is whether Judge Joseph was obliged to cooperate with ICE.

Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, a British national and rapper in Atlanta under the name 21 Savage was arrested when ICE was targeting another rapper.

An ICE News Release reported that the Philadelphia police released, for the second time, Guatemalan Hector Moran-Espinoza after having been charged with child molestation and child rape. ICE announced, as did numerous newspapers, he would be deported. Oddly, the Phladelphia Inquirer, the local newspaper of record has never reported this. Neither have online Pheladelphia newspapers the Daily News or the Tribune.

ICE has been fining people with outstanding deportation orders who were notified they could owe up to $799 a day. Here are the fines for two women: $497,777 and $303,620. Their attorneys called ICE tactics psychological violence.

ICE is considering prosecuting faith leaders for “harboring” or otherwise assisting undocumented immigrants in sanctuary in churches seeking to avoid execution of final orders of removal.

The prosecution of Scott Warren, a volunteer for organizations assisting migrants, is a model. If convicted for providing water, housing, and medical care to unauthorized migrants, he could have gone to prison for two decades. He was twice: a mistrial first, found not guilty next.

ICE refused to unite a twenty-three year old woman with a six year old she had raised as a daughter. ICE insisted that the young woman was a flight risk, even when a New Yorker offered to house the aunt and daughter.

We should be ashamed.