1/19/200 Presidential Misconduct

Donald Trump is not the only one. Just the worst of them.

In 1974, back in the day when research counted for something, the House Judiciary Committee commissioned a study of the misdeeds of past presidents. James M. Banner. Jr. was one of the historians who participated in writing the report.   Formerly a history professor at Columbia, now an independent historian in Washington D.C., he joined with a new group of historians to bring that report up to date.

They add to the report: Nixon’s Watergate, Carter’s advisor Burt Lance, Reagan’s Iran-Contra, GHW Bush’s appointment of Clarence Thomas, Clinton’s impeachment, GW Bush’s exposure of intelligence secrets, and Obama’s Solyndra loan. These issue vary in the extent to which they are scandalous. I’ve read a review. Now I’ll read the book. You may want to read it, too: James. M. Banner, Ed. Presidential Misconduct from George Washington to Today.