Do you remember Tom Price? He was a Member of Congress from Georgia’s sixth district.  Newt Gingrich’s old district.  His world has changed.  Trump appointed him Secretary of Health and Human Services.  Stingy about public services as a Congressman, he left the Treasury position under fire for how much public money he spent on his own travel.  Lucy McBath, an African American gun safety proponent is now the Member of Congress from GA 06. Everyone’s world has changed.

One of Tom Price’s accomplishments was to appoint Brenda Fitzgerald head of the CDC.  (The coronavirus has ensured that we are now all familiar with the Center for Disease Control).  Fitzgerald was a former military doctor and Georgia Republican, appointed as Director of Georgia’s Division of Public Health. In Georgia, she oversaw a slight decline in Georgia’s public health standing.   Appointed head of the CDC in July, 2017, she was gone by the end of January, 2018,  She got in trouble for failing to divest stocks especially including stocks in pharmaceutical companies accused of complicity in the opioid epidemic.

Tom Price was gone, too.  He had resigned in September, 2017.  Alex Azar took Price’s place January 2018 just as Brenda Fitzgerald was resigning.  A former counsel to the Department of Health and Human Services.  He was and lobbyist and then a senior executive for Eli Lily pharmaceuticals.  He appointed the new Director of the CDC Robert Redfield.

Robert Redfield actually got two jobs – Director of Health and Human Services and Administrator of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.  He was also a former military doctor.  While in the army, he touted an AIDS vaccination which proved to be ineffective.  An Army investigation found there was no misconduct on his part.

Donald Trump’s medical Deep State.