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Democrat Josh Shapiro for Governor versus Trump endorsed Doug Mastriano

Democrat John Fetterman for US Senator versus Trump endorsed Mehmut Oz.

PA 01 EVEN Former Army Pilot Democrat Ashley Ehasz v Incumbent Republican Brian Fitzpatrick

PA 06 D+9 Incumbent Chrissy Houlihan v County Commission Chair Guy Ciarocchi

PA 07 R+4 Incumbent Democrat Susan Wild v former candidate and CEO Lisa Scheller

PA 08 R+8 Incumbent Democrat Matt Cartwright v former candidate Jim Bognet

PA 10 R+9 Democrat Shamaine Daniels v the infamous Incumbent Scott Perry

PA 17 D+1 University Tech Inst Director Democrat Chris Deluzio v former Township Commissioner Jeremy Shaffer

 Josh Shapiro will protect Pennsylvania from a gerrymandered Republican state legislature.  John Fetterman’s victory will expand the Democratic Senate majority.

Incumbents Chrissy Houlihan, Susan Wild, and Matt Cartwright are crucial for keeping a Democratic House.  The latter two are running in districts that favor Republicans.  Ahsley Ehasz has a great chance to flip an entrenched Republican.  Shamaine Daniels can defeat one of the most notorious of the Trump coup plotters.  Chris Deluzio is protecting an open Democratic seat 


June 21st, 2022      Political Note #475 Chris Deluzio Pennsylvania 17

2022                          General Election

Let’s begin with a problem.  Chris Deluzio started the post-primary general election season with $60,000.  His opponent, Jeremy Shaffer, a former Township Commissioner and owner of InspectTech, which manages transportation infrastructure, started the election season with $500,000.  Chris Deluzio can raise money for this D+1 Toss Up district if you and others contribute now.  November is not far away.

Chris Deluzio has his advantages.  He is a much better candidate that Shaffer, who wavers between attempting to appear a Republican moderate and the actuality of a combination of socialist-baiting and dirty trickster.  Chris Deluzio’s technology career is superior and is particularly apt for the times.  He is at the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt to those of you how follow football or basketball) —   the Policy Director for the University of Pittsburgh’s Institute for Cyber Law.  He is an expert on technology and voting rights, elections and the algorithms used for voting machines, say.  Jeremy Shaffer owns and runs a software company that manages infrastructure for transportation. Chris Deluzio (This is something of a cliché, I know) is a man for our times.

Chris Deluzio grew up in the borough of Thornburg, PA – a tiny community of fewer than 500 people which is, nevertheless, about four miles from downtown Pittsburgh.  He went to Bishop Canevin High School in Pittsburgh.  After graduation, he began a career that took him away from home and brought him back.  He went to the US Naval Academy.  After graduating from the Naval Academy, he went to Iraq.  Commissioned as an active-duty surface warfare officer, he was deployed to Iraq three times.  He served with an Army Civil Affairs company, coordinating and lending support to Special Forces missions.  He describes the Iraq War “a war that we never should have fought” and promises to “never vote to send Americans to war unless [it is] absolutely critical to our national security.” He learned the lessons of bad political decisions.

Chris Deluzio went from Iraq to Washington, but not to a government post or a policy center.  He went to Georgetown for law school.  After law school, he worked for the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University law school in New York City.  He served as counsel for the Brennan Center’s Democracy program.  In that capacity he wrote a paper advising jurisdictions about the purchase of voting machines, a paper for a symposium on a Minnesota law suit about voters’ clothing with political statements at polling places, and otherwise became known as an expert on both voting rights and voting technology.

He was lured back to Pittsburgh.  It may be that he preferred Pittsburgh as a place to raise his children.  Or it may be that he felt some passion about what how damaged western Pennsylvania had been.  His website is particularly pointed on these issues:

“For far too long, we have allowed corporations to gain unhealthy power over so much of society and our lives. Consolidation of industries has cost us jobs, stifled competition, hurt consumers, killed small businesses, and left workers without options or bargaining power. Workers have suffered under corporate power that can fire you for any reason, dictate the terms of your job, and outsource your work at the drop of a hat. Corporations (supported by the Republican politicians they fund) have lobbied hard to slash taxes and regulations, all while pouring cash into our elections and enriching themselves and shareholders through huge profits, stock buybacks, and dividends…… Corporations should … pay their fair share of taxes and be held to account when they kill jobs and evade taxes through outsourcing and tax dodging schemes. With their massive corporate profits and stock gains throughout the pandemic, there is no reason why big corporations shouldn’t be contributing to rebuilding the nation’s crumbling infrastructure and safety net. And when corporations cut corners on safety and other rules, we should be aggressive in protecting their workers, customers, and neighbors.”

Chris Deluzio argues for a return to manufacturing and a return to effective organizing of workers by unions.  He argues for a return of what Pittsburgh has lost, but expressed in a modern technological world.  Help the country get where Chris Deluzio would like to take it.  Help elect an expert on technology, voting, and democracy.  We need Chris Deluzio in Congress.

Updated list of the very closest races for the General Election.  You won’t go wrong investing in these Democrats. – 10 incumbent Democrats, 3 Open Democratic Seats that are hard to keep (TX 15, NY 19, PA 17), and 3 Republican Seats that could be flipped (PA 01, AK AL, NYN 22). Defending every Incumbent and Open Democratic seats successfully is the core challenge for 2022. 


  1. WA 08 EVEN Incumbent Democrat Kim Schrier (Political Note #390)
  2. PA 01 EVEN Retired Army Pilot Democrat Ashley Ehasz (Political Note #468) v Incumbent Republican Brian Fitzpatrick
  3. AK AL EVEN* Physician and commercial fisherman Al Gross (Political Note #462) v 47 open primary candidates and then the three other top voter getters (including former Vice-Presidential candidate Sara Palin) of whom the winner will be selected by ranked voting.
  4. TX 15 EVEN Democrats Businesswoman Michelle Vallejo or Attorney Ruben Ramirez (Vallejo leading by 23 votes) v Insurance agent and businesswoman Republican Monica De La Cruz-Hernandez
  5. MD 06 R+1 Incumbent Democrat David Trone (Political Note #466) v (probably) State Delegate Neil Parrot
  6. MI 08 R+1 Incumbent Democrat Dan Kildee (Political Note #459) v one of three Republican candidates
  7. NH 01 R+1 Incumbent Democrat Chris Pappas (Political Note #429) v one of 8 Republicans
  8. MN 02 D+1 Incumbent Democrat Angie Craig (Political Note #355) v Retired Marine and 2020 candidate Tyler Kistner
  9. AZ 04 D+1 Incumbent Greg Stanton (Political Note #467) v one of six Republican candidates
  10. NY 19 R+1 Attorney Democrat Josh Riley (Political Note #473) v County Executive Republican Marc Molinaro
  11. PA 17 D+1 University Institute Director Chris Deluzio (Political Note #475) v ex Commissioner Jeremy Shaffer
  12. IA 03 R+2 Incumbent Democrat Cindy Axne (Political Note #428) v one of three Republican candidates
  13. VA 07 D+2 Incumbent Democrat Abigail Spanberger (Political Note #438) v one of eight Republican candidates
  14. NV 03 D+2 Incumbent Democrat Susie Lee (Political Note #356) v one of six Republican candidates
  15. NH 02 D+2 Incumbent Democrat Annie Kuster (Political Note #31) v one of two Republican candidates
  16. NY 22 D+2 Navy Veteran Francis Conole v one of three Republican candidates

*The EVEN designation for the Alaska race is based on the first poll for this race which found Al Gross tied with Sara Palin rather than the 538 website calculation used for all others listed)


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