In 2019, Virginia already had a Democratic governor. It was two votes away from a Democratic House of Delegates and a Democratic Senate. Virginia got those votes and more.

As a result, Virginia made it easier to vote, passing

  • Same day registration, including election day
  • Automatic voter registration whenever you deal with the Registry of Motor Vehicles
  • No excuse absentee voting with prepaid postage on the absentee ballots
  • Election day a legal holiday (replacing a holiday honoring Confederate Generals)
  • Extended polling hours
  • Required a paper record of all voting
  • Required state preclearance of any local changes in voting

They are working on a few more

  • Redistricting reform
  • Joining the national popular vote agreement for electing a president
  • Permitted instant run off for local elections
  • Redistricting processes for Congressional districts and state legislative districts
  • Reduced voter ID requirement by allowing non-photo IDs

The Democratic trifecta led to other reforms as well, but election reforms ensure the retention of all the other reforms.

(Thank you Daily Kos for this information)