The Headline: Smuggler’s are sawing through new sections of Trump’s border wall.

The graphic: Two ways to get past the barriers. Cut a bollard at the base and push it aside. Power tools with special attachments do the job. OR Climb. makeshift ladders or Rope ladders with a rebar as a hook on top appear to work.

The smugglers have resources those seeking asylum don’t have. The Post says criminal organizations “generate billions of dollars in smuggling profits” The “adapt their operations at the border to new obstacles and enforcement methods.” And they aren’t going away.

The US government is not disclosing how often these breaches have happened or where they have happened or what repairs they have undertaken where repairs were necessary. Freedom of Information Act requests have not been responded to. Officials, speaking unofficially, insist there have been very few breaches.

Thank you Washington Post for this report. How much have we spent on this wall so far?