Thirty eight is 76% of 50. Elementary school math.

You need 75% of the states to ratify an amendment to the constitution. Thirty seven states have ratified the Equal Rights Amendment. Virginia could be the 38th. It depends on who gets control of the Virginia legislature.

Not that simple. The ratification deadline was March 22, 1979. Congress extended the deadline to June 30, 1982. Was that extension valid? Did it matter? No additional states ratified. The number was stuck at 35 states.

Nevada ratified in 2017. Illinois ratified in 2018. Does it matter? Before the 1979 deadline, four states that had ratified, rescinded their vote: Nebraska, Tennessee, Idaho, and Kentucky. Kentucky may not count. The acting governor vetoed the rescission. Can you veto a rescission?

How about South Dakota?. South Dakota “sunsetted” its vote if the amendment hadn’t passed by the 1982 extended deadline.

In 2011, Senator Tammy Baldwin proposed removing the deadlines for ratification of the Equal Rights amendment. Hasn’t happened. If it did, would Virginia’s ratification be the 38th?

Doesn’t seem right to me. I think you have to honor the rescissions. Except, maybe, Kentucky and South Dakota. Sunsetting may be a step too far..

Virginia might be the 35th state.