Next up, Nevada. We’re not done talking about New Hampshire, though.

Let me cite a friend: Richard Karpel noted that the New Hampshire results were particularly important to those who got few votes. Andrew Yang, Michael Bennett, and Deval Patrick dropped out.

Tom Steyer is still in.  More important: Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren are still in. Joe Biden’s fifth place finish would have ended the campaign of most candidates. Lyndon Johnson dropped out after winning New Hampshire unimpressively.

Joe Biden believes he will have a pick-me-up in South Carolina, just what he’ll need going into Super Tuesday. He could be wrong. Improbably, two billionaires are encroaching on his territory – Mike Bloomberg, who seems to be overcoming African-American anger about “stop and frisk” and Tom Steyer, who seems to be overcoming, or building on, the fact that no one has heard of him.

Elizabeth Warren rested her case on the polls finding so many people counting her as their second choice. She could be the unity candidate. But not if she can’t get above fourth place in an actual primary. She’ll have do to well in Nevada or South Carolina or she won’t have enough money for Super Tuesday.