Mike Faulkner sends on a letter by Robert M. Simpson to the Guardian.  “Echoes of fascism.”

Hitler “was appointed chancellor by President Hindenburg on the advice of a conservative –nationalist clique. He proceeded to consolidate his power in a manufactured atmosphere of nationalist hysteria in which all opponents were denounced as ‘traitors,’ ‘enemies of the people,’ and supporters or perpetrators of ‘terrorism.’ The German parliament was denounced as a chaotic ‘talking shop’ in the hands of the traitors and ‘race defilers.’

Nazis, Simpson explained, were not the majority party. They had gained 37% of the vote in the previous election. Unfortunately, the two parties of the left were deeply divided and the centrist party appeared seemed to be as xenophobic and anti-Semitic as the Nazis.

Simpson was making a point about the British parliament and the behavior of Boris Johnson.  Donald Trump could get in in the same line. Demagogic leaders who gained their roles with the support of a minority of the popular vote.